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Construction Management

We manage construction projects for homeowners, investors, and lending institutions. We schedule and coordinate all phases of the project from inception to completion.The service incorporates visits to the job site at various stages of the project. We monitor to confirm the acquisition of construction permits, ensure the use of the actual materials specified in the contract agreement, monitor job progress, adherence to time schedules, and to confirm acceptable workmanship for the finished product.

Construction Management: About

Site Monitoring is designed to provide busy or inexperienced homeowners with a set of experienced eyes at their construction project.  For a fraction of the cost of the project we will monitor your project to ensure that the terms and conditions are met.

Project Management is a professional service that applies the effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from start to finish. Our goal is to effectively control the time, cost, and quality of the project.

Project Management Planning
Cost Management
Time Management
Quality Management
Contract Administration
Safety Management

Construction Management: Services
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