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203(k) Consulting

The 203(k) Consultant is an integral part of a successful 203(k) loan transaction. The role of the consultant is vital to the timely completion and closure of 203(k) loan applications. Accurate estimating and rapid turnaround time are qualities that will assist both borrower and lender in achieving their mutual goal of a timely closing.



Consulting services guide clients throught the process and assure that all HUD minimum standards are met. The client's desires are incorporated with improvements which the Consultant believes will enhance the home.


Plan review services ensure the completeness of the submitted documents and that they accurately reflect the proposed work, including the repair of all health and safety related items.


Fee inspection services assure that the proposed repairs are made and that the finished structure is substantially the same as that upon which the commitment is based.


Role of a 203(k) Consultant

Step by Step Process

Fee Schedule

As one of my most popular services, these appointments tend to fill up fast.